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    About us

    To be a leading provider of the world-class pharmaceutical technologies ready for commercialization, clinical CRO service and import registration service

    Make the Chinese pharmaceutical development synchronizing with the world

    stock code 600222

    As one of the Top 5 pharmaceutical R&D companies in China, and the 1st public listed manufacture in Henan, the largest province in China. Our Beijing R&D centre, 12-years-experienced registration team, Beijing Clinical CRO company, 4 large drug GMP GMP manufacturing base and 28 provinces based sales team all over the nation provide the most specialist R&D service, clinical trial service, OEM and sales distribution service to ensuring our global alliance partners’ and clients’ successful market admittance in China.


    Technical service

    We are a high-tech enterprise facing the global pharmaceutical technology service (CRO), and have the international advanced technology platform in the development of chemical raw material medicine synthesis and process technology.

    The first time to understand our news and information, and to control the industry information

    Congratulations! Leadingpharm as Top 10 l R & D Companies[2017-11-17]

    Congratulations! China National Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce:...

    To measure the performance of cooperation in a strict scale, and continuously improve.

    Contact us

    Beijing City, Haidian District Yihai Qinghua East Road No. 16 building room 1403

    +0086 18611629129


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